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Among other things, this word relates to Captain Sensible's political party. He began it as a protest that elected officials do not represent the masses and to give non-voting people an option to vote as a protest rather than avoid voting as a protest.
Disenfranchised Voter #1: I feel really BLAH about all those lying politicans and I don't feel any of them represent me so I'm not voting for any of them.
Disenfranchised Voter #2: I know what you mean--you should consider Captain Sensible's BLAH party.
Check out the Captain's own information on it at myspace.com under "thecaptainsensible"
by The Ripper April 18, 2007

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Slang for a strip club (any strip club/nudie bar/"Gentlemen's Club" featuring "exotic dancers"). Personal Note: this is not the origin of my name.
"Wanna go by the ripper's tonight?"
"Shit yeah, I've got a hundred bucks in fives in my wallet."
by The Ripper January 06, 2005

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