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Fellatio (v.)

Good ole American fun...In fact...good ole fashioned fun from any region of the world.

The act of penetrating the mouth with the phallus.

Ex I: Wow she performs fellatio well

Ex II: Wow he performs fellatio well

Ex III: HOLY SHIT!!! Is that cow performing fellatio?!?!? Oh never mind that's just Renee Zellweger
by The Red Avenger October 23, 2008

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Like Asians they all look alike.

Often insults to those who suffer from Manic Depression (Bipolar Disorder)

Give a bad name to anyone who is truly emotional.

Those who are truly emotional or truly have a hard life are in turn referred to as "emo" thus making them hate life more and realize that society has turned into a judgmental group of tosspots that don't deserve the air they breathe: see douchebag; asshole; fuckstick; shithead; cunt; any derogatory term for an insufferable human being.

Emo 1: My life is awful my dad took away my Porsche because he found my razor and heroin in the glove box.

Emo 2: Dude that sucks, my dad took away my Playstation 3 because he found me drinking my tears whilst wearing my mothers undergarments.

Bipolar dude in the background: I should fucking stab you two little over-indulged inbreds in the heart...but you'd probably enjoy it and get another fag boyfriend and a record deal out of it. Well, off to run in the gorgeous fall weather.
emo (adj.)

Ex.1:Any lonely queer reading this right now getting upset and offended because yet another person went out of their way to expand on the lonely, depressing, "black-sheep", "lone-wolf" subculture that obviously doesn't understand that those stupid scratch marks on their arms are going to ruin their chances at a decent job someday.

Ex.II: Any lonely queer reading this that took offense. Simply because they feel they are emo and are now going to either a)cry
b)cut themself
d)continue to be offended not realizing that this site is just a way for judgmental assholes like the author of every racist, sexist, chauvinistic, prejudiced, bigoted definition on here to be an obnoxious douche and choose some culture, sub-culture, fashion, style or scene and to rag on said culture, sub-culture, fashion, style or scene and entertain other obnoxious douches/ignorant assholes/bored college or high school students around the world at the same time
e) all of the above

ExIII: Secretly David Duchovny. (He just gets laid because he's famous. They only get laid when they're famous)
by The Red Avenger October 22, 2008

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