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n. An extremely negative demeanor; a bad attitude. Usually directed at someone who is being unusually disrespectful and hurtful, instead of appropriately sarcastic and cynical. See also hater.
Nick has such a badditude today; he's calling bitches out left and right!
by The Posp April 26, 2004

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Women who like men with style, class, taste, and money. See also golddigger.
"Man, I can't get these Fiji Bitches off my cock! They love the bling!"
by The Posp April 26, 2004

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Cocaine of middle to low quality. Typically priced cheaply so the buyer doesn't feel as though they've been ripped off.
"Got drunk and copped some okayne last night--nothing to write home about, but it was only $40 a gram and didn't keep me up all night."
by The Posp May 21, 2009

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Acronym for "Rolling My Fucking Ass Off," commonly used by ravers who have taken some "good" or real Ecstasy (MDMA).
"OMFG dude, I just dropped a white quadruple-stacked Mitsubishi and I'm RMFAO!"
by The Posp May 27, 2004

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adj. Possessing a high quality at an equally outrageous price; flashy and unnecessary yet undeniably stylish and attractive.

Stems from Fiji water which costs approximately $2 US/liter. Tap water is <$.01/gallon. Originated in Iowa in early 2004; now seeing widespread usage.
Look at that player, drinking Jaegermeister and Red Bull. That is *so* Fiji, each drink costs $5!
by The Posp April 26, 2004

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