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1: The perpetual state of bein' straight fucked up. Constantly engaging in, or provoking, socially and morally unacceptable situations. 2: The after effects of ones mental state subsequent to years of copious drug use and alcoholism.
Pip: "Say Charles, wouldn't you agree that the elderly homeless chap in the courtyard exudes quite an agglomeration of fuckedupness?"
Charles: "Yes, quite, a rather whopping agglomeration of fuckedupness indeed."

Shateefa: "I'm tellin' you guwrl, you aint gonna balee dis. Tanisha slept wit her mama new man, AND bof her sistas husbands too!"
Laquisha: "Damn guwrl! Dats some fuckedupness!"
by The Paisley Pistol July 03, 2009
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