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Small town a little South of Austin, which 290 runs through. Started as a very tiny town with few residents, but has grown conciderably with it's own H-E-B and a few fast food resturaunts with great schools since the 80's. (Or so, the elder residents will tell you.) The town's logo would deffinetely have to be the Tiger; as the mascot for the schools and the pride that runs through it, it's sure to be the Drippin' Tigers of Texas. No matter how ubranized it is destined to become, it's still the homely little town people like to call their quiet hometown. And though the Dripping Springs High School has been remodeled and relocated/swapped with the older Middle School, the presence of the School pride runs deep, no matter how many times Dripping has lost it's football games in the past few years. Go Tigers!
"We may be small, but Dripping Springs is growing more and more, and no matter what, we're still here. We're still family. We may be all you've got, but at least we're something. And we're proud of it."
~Annonymous Local
by The Odd Fox March 10, 2011
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