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It is imperative when considering the perfect breast, to consider the Nipple to Breast Ratio, or N.B.R, of course other factors must be considered, such as nipple colour differentiation to breast colour, nipple texture, nipple volume and nipple positioning, however N.B.R tops this list. If the nipple is burger like in size, even the most wonderful of breasts can be ruined in an instant, if the nipple is tiny like a pea, the breast is compromised by having to compensate for lack of said nipple. If you find a woman with a apparent perfect N.B.R (a score out of 10) lock her down immediately, she is golden.
Bloke 1: You should have seen the body on this girl I had intercourse with last night!

Bloke 2: What was it like man? Paint a picture?

Bloke 1: Just perfect man, hourglass like, boobs were great, ass was fantastic, long pins, flat stomach the lot!! She was perfect.

Bloke 2: What was the Nipple to Breast Ratio like?

Bloke 1: Ahhh the nips were a tad to big actually.

Bloke 2: Get out of my life.
by The Nipple Perfectionist June 20, 2012

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