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A scapegoat for any religion based on christianity. Basicly the theory runs as follows; Jesus died for your sins, you are sinful by nature and cannot get to heaven, if you ask Jesus for forgiveness he will give it to you because he is cool like that, once Jesus gives you the A-OK you can go to heaven.

It's extremly short sighted because it creates the rule that no matter what you do you can be forgiven by Jesus for your sins.

In this spirit I encourage all of you to commit as many sins as you want, kill anyone that pisses you off, fuck any animal you want, steal anything you see. After all if Jesus is handing out tickets to heaven like political protesters handing out pamphlets then lets all have some fun before we get our free ride up to the great white cloud.

I love logic.
"Saddam Hussien may be sentenced to hang, but as long as he says 'He Jebu- I mean Jesus Christ, I think your cool and I didn't mean to kill those 100,000's of people so can you share some love' he gets his first class seat to eternal bliss."
by The Lumberjack November 05, 2006
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1. A woman who has been fucked so many times that her pussy is flabby, loose and extremely unsatisfying to fuck.

2. A single cig bought from an A-Rab.
1. Hey man you wern't in there with that hooker too long, whats up?

Ah man she was a fuckin' loosey, didn't feel right.

2. Man my fucking coach made me run laps all football practice, toss me a loosey.
by The Lumberjack June 14, 2006
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