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The most incredible human being alive. The name Victoria Tsonos is only given to the most beautiful people on Earth and is reserved for very few people that deserve this name. People with this name are the most attractive, intelligent, caring, lovable, adorable, sexiest, funniest, and all around perfect people that you could ever meet. They generally produce lots of overwhelming love and can make you smile when you never thought that you could. They help you with so much, and ask for little but your love in return. For a better definition of people with the name Victoria Tsonos you may also search "perfect"
Guy 1: Man, do you know Victoria Tsonos?
Guy 2: No man, I'm not that lucky. What about you?
Guy 1: I wish. I wish.
Guy 3: Are you guys talking about Victoria Tsonos?
Guy 2: Yeah, why?
Guy 3: I date her...
*Guy 1 and 2 drop dead on the spot*
by The Luckiest Human Alive November 06, 2011
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