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(1) Academy of Integrated humanities and new Media. A.I.M. A program offered to Juniors and Seniors at Tamalpais High School in Marin, California. Taught by Ms. Scharf (a.k.a. Mrs. Goldstein), Mr. Goldstein, and Mr. Tarpinian.
(2) Somewhere between hell and AIDS lies AIM, a soul stomping concentration camp for people who once had hope, but had it brutally crushed under the devices of torture made to suck out all traces of student morale and motivation. P.S.: Goldstein, dude, ur ghey.... go hawks!
"Dude, go back to A.I.M. you Nazi."
"Man, you're being so A.I.M. right now."
"Hell sucks, well, it could be worse; I could be in A.I.M.."
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