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In the Jewish faith, a celibration that commemorates the way--after the Romans sacked the temple and left only enough for one bowl--the bud lasted eight nights.

This is celebrated by lighting one more bowl on an eight chambered bong known as a Chronukiah starting at the right and lighting one more chamber evey night for eich night of Chronuckah.

Also crockies, a dish made form potatoes and cannibutter, are traditionally eaten.
Little Girl: but papa, papa, this is only enough weed for one bowl. how is this gonna get us all high for eight nights?

Father: well little Suzie, thats the miracle of Chronnuckah
by The Lonliet Monk December 31, 2007

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When she just got back from a week at her grandmother's house and hasn't been touched in forever so you just take one for the team and after like the sixth time in a half hour that you've cummed it doesn't even feel good at all it's just incredibly painful but you keep going because she's still horny and finally on the seventh time when your dick is just shouting out "STOP STOP" you have a weak hellaciously painful nothing of an ejaculation and realize that blood just came out your dick.
Doctor: You've ruptured your vas diverenze, seminal vescicals, popped one testical and backed up your epididimus with coagulated blood and seman. if you have sex again in the next year you will die. How did this happen?

You: Manstration
by The Lonliet Monk December 31, 2007

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