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Hypocritical, anorexic roommate who likes boys but tries to pretend he doesn't by constantly surrounding himself with the opposite sex. He even stalks them, but he always chooses the ugliest of the ugly to obsess over thus proving his homosexuality. He also constantly watches VH1 and Brothers and Sisters. It is a requirement for Eric to dress up for the simplest occasion such as eating at the 88. He likes to watch his roommates at night and touch their arm. We hope this is all he touches but we fear it isn't.
Goodness! You're such an Eric, standing over me at night dressed up and watching me with Brothers and Sisters on the TV and your penis in your hand and saying you aren't doing any of that.

I can't believe you locked your door this weekend! You're such an Eric!

You didn't eat any of your sandwich from lunch and left it sitting by the trash can. What are you, an Eric?!!
by The Keanu September 02, 2008
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