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1. A ballistic weapon usually fired from a stationary stand or a missile range. They can have heat-seeking capabilities, can be guided manually, or be controlled using radar. Very deadly.

2. Where a male is strongly attracted to a woman, and his weapon cannot resist chasing the female. It usually makes its impact between the legs of the female in her bosum or in her vagina.

Only in extreme cases does it head for the mouth.

NOTE: This is not a disease, but a very strong form if love. Sometimes, but very rarely, it occurs in the females.
The World knew that the rebels had missiles, but what they did not know is that they had homing missles, and thus they were more deadly.

The man was deeply attracted to the woman he wanted to make love to. His homing missle headed straight for the target between her legs, and began to perform a russian amphitheatre.
by The Iron Piston May 15, 2013
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