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1) A non argument used by people, egged on by talking heads. Often used in place of an intelligent point.

2) An economic ideology that emphasizes fiscal responsibility: Saving money as opposed to spending it.

3) A political ideology that less is more when in refference to the scale that Government should play in daily life.

4) Not to be confused with neo-conservative or neo con which emphasizes spending, and larger government.
1) You dirty conservative, you ate my baby!

2) The annual budget report angered many conservatives due to the outrageous disparity between the money created, and spent.

3) Mike appreciated a conservative approach to government, less is more.

4) Most true conservatives are deeply bothered by the wave of neo-cons that have come into existance.
by The Illustrious February 21, 2004
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Abbreviation for DigitallyImported, a streaming radio station on the internet that specilizes in Electronic Dance Music as well as Jazz, Classical, and Salsa.

Also the home of the DI forums... a land of pure EVIL!
Dude, did you hear that mix on DI the other night?
by The Illustrious December 16, 2003
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