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Russian assault rifle, NOT MACHINE GUN, invented around 1947. Many models followed in its footsteps. It chambers a 7.62mm x 39mm round, Russian. (NATO 7.62s are 7.62mm x 45mm I believe.)

Avtomat Kalashnikov 47 is its full name. Real gangsters would use AK-47s, while the new age ones would use just 9mm. Guns that look like it star in many action games or movies, and it would even make appearances on TV shows.

One needs a class 3 license to legally own one of these AK-47s, unless its modified for semi-auto only. You can legally hunt with a semi-auto AK-47, since it does use a standard hunting round. (7.62mm). Rumor has it, it costs 300 dollars to buy one in the USA, but only like 40 U$D to buy it in Russia.

An example of a descendent of the AK47 would be the AK-74, which chambers a 5.45mm x 39mm round. I questioned around why Russians were so obsessed with making smaller bullets (even their 7.62 is smaller than NATO rounds), one response was "its cheaper. We Russians are poor."
AK-47 is a popular gun, carried from gangs to elite terrorist factions. It is also a very effecient assault rifle, but has a lot of kickback, because of the fact that its a sniper round. (7.62 is used in many snipers, and hunting rifles).
by The Dragon Slayer August 05, 2005

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by The Dragon Slayer October 04, 2005

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