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A dumbass with redeeming qualities.

A pilchard is actually a fish: Any of various small marine fishes related to the herrings, especially a commercially important edible species, Sardina pilchardus, of European waters.

The distinction here is that a pilchard is quite a stupid, inconsequential fish, but it is edible, so it has redeeming qualities.
You're quite the pilchard today aren't you?
by The Count of GQ January 16, 2008

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The delicate natural aroma of a clean vagina. While every woman has a distinctive casoulette, it is important to note that the term is only to be used in a positive manner.

For many men, especially those who have never been with a woman who values proper hygiene, casoulette can be an almost unobtainable experience. The following methods have been extensively tested and have been found to faithfully simulate casoulette:

Purchase a large meat lover’s pizza from Dominos (take-out) and place it in the back seat of your vehicle. Do not remove it from the cardboard box. Begin to drive down the road and make sure your climate control system is set to fresh air (not recirculation). Set the fan control to 1. Drive at speeds between 45-60 mph. You will detect the faint aroma of casoulette. So not be alarmed if you become aroused.

Another way to simulate casoulette is to cook a beef stew. Towards the end of cooking, add 1 teaspoon of ground cumin to the stew. Stir and cover for 3 minutes. At the end of three minutes, remove the stew from the heat. Lift the lid repeatedly to waft the casoulette simulation towards your nostrils.
As I pulled her panties down, her casoulette filled my nostrils and I was overcome with the desire to lick her clit.
by The Count of GQ April 11, 2007

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