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Expression indicates the desire to increase speed or possibly escape some situation

"Hit the accelerator to the max", "Let's get out of here", "Increase speed" Or anything similar.

Typically uttered by the passenger to the driver of an automobile. The "Chewie" part is optional

Originated from the Star Wars Trilogy when Han Solo yells to Chewbacca to operate the hyperdrive to escape the Imperials.
<in car, one must speed up to pass a slow moving car>

by The Count of Comics August 17, 2009
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Expresses the enjoyment of some particular occurrence, item, person, etc.

The two towels are used to soak up the ejaculate of the person doing the enjoying. (This is a figurative ejaculate and not a literal one, but it works either way) 1 Towel would usually be enough, but the extreme pleasure necessitates the use of 2 towels instead of 1.

Originated from an episode of "Drawn Together."
I can't believe Iron Maiden is performing tomorrow! I am going to need two towels!
by The Count of Comics August 04, 2009
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