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(Muff-l-ed; Tor-peed-oh): The action of first man or

woman's anus passing gas at the moment that it is being

penetrated by second man's penis. The penis of man two is

referred to as the torpedo being muffled by the fart of man

or woman one. Can be pleasurable and sexy. Can be

embarassing and awkward.

Deejanaye: "OH, BABY! YOU DO IT SO GOOD... Um, excuse me..."

Tyrese: "Damn, baby! That felt good! Shit, do dat again!"

Deejanaye: "I didn't mean to."

Tyrese: "Naa, baby! Ain't nothin' wrong with a little muffled-torpedo!"
by The Choco September 23, 2011

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(Spy-ke): Referring to an action in which an

individual "over-listens" to a specific musical track to a

point of annoyance for the people around them. This often

results in direct hate for the over-played musical track.

This song title then becomes, "spiked."
Spencer: "Wow, that kid listens to way to much Michael Jackson."

Elliot singing: "Keep On With The Force Don't Stop
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough..."

Ethan: "I know. He's pretty much spiked all of Michael Jackson's hits for me."
by The Choco September 23, 2011

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