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Guy 1: Have you heard of Justin Beiber?

Guy 2: Yes! I've met him before! He's awesome!

Guy 1: Here's a gun, go shoot your face off.

Rest of world: Justin Beiber Sucks.
by The Boston Tea Bag Party April 22, 2010
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The act of filling up your cup of soda once again just before leaving any type of dine-in restaurant. This is usually planned out ahead of time. Anyone intelligent will purposely order the smallest sized drink and refill it as many times as they need and one final time before hitting the road. Even if you aren't thirsty, you will still refill your beverage anyway right before you leave the restaurant.
"I'm sick and tired of those little bastards refilling on-the-go every time they leave my restaurant. They take one sip of their soda and then trash it once they get outside."
by The Boston Tea Bag Party October 09, 2009
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