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Crew of idiotic young suburban males. Usually dressed to the nines in the finest apparel Abercrombie and Eagle has to offer. Invariably rude and condescending. Individuals rarely separate from the squad proper, preferring the safety of their collective to the crushing anxiety of social interaction sans-clique. They can be spotted with either butch-waxed, buzzed or Fagotty Andy ragdoll hair, and, sometimes Lacrosse gear. Be warned, if invited to a party, they will finish all alcoholic beverages on the premises, then puke all over your mothers macrame work. The moniker "cock squad" finds its truest expression in the bareback anal orgies that frequently follow a night's drinking. All-around fun guys. A real bunch of asshole amigos.
"Break out the Natty Ice and hide your brothers. The cock squad is en route to this social gathering, me hardies."
by The Blue Avenger March 06, 2009

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