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exasperation; total disbelief; suprise; When what the fuck just isn't enough.

When used by itself:
Usually heard coming from the garage or the basement when your dad finds his tools missing or broken.

Used in conjunction with:
-is wrong with you!
-are you doing?
-is this shit?
after same dad confronts you.
Dad:(finding his tools missing) WHAT THE FLYIN' FUCK!

Dad:(finding you with a plunger up your ass)WHAT THE FLYIN' FUCK is wrong with you!

Dad:(finding your stash under the bed) WHAT THE FLYIN' FUCK is this shit?
by The Big Bad One May 28, 2009

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Phrase used when insane just isn't enough. Something super, mega, or intensely cool/crazy.
Neil: I was having this awesome mom/daughter double team when the old man walked in the bedroom...and started filming.
Bob: Dude, That's Fuckin' Insane!

Michael Fitzpatrick:Yo man, I got a B.J. while I was skydiving.
Patrick Fitzmichael: No shit, That's Fuckin' Insane!
by The Big Bad One May 28, 2009

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