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The main character of Bioshock 2. ( the sequel and less successful version of Bioshock )As the first Big Daddy made, he is awaken 10 years after the incident, and is somehow given his own personality, a trait that only he has within the Big Daddies. Subject Delta has the ability to use plasmids along with Rivet guns, drills, and any other weapon a normal Big Daddy can use. One big difference between Subject Delta and Mr.Bubbles is that Subject Delta is a retarded failure.
Person 1 : I love this new version of the Big Daddy.

Person 2 : Faggot

Person 1 : But Subject Delta is so cool.

Person 2 : He's the same except for the fact he looks like a boner from the waist up.
by The Awesome Kid In Your School March 14, 2010

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