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The term for one who suffers from the love of death, blood and destruction and a fascination with the terror attacks of 9/11. Sufferers are known to parade the scene of a motorway crash armed with hi-tech cameras hoping for a glimpse a bare spleen. Sufferers of Briggsophrenia often get together to masturbate at murder scenes and bomb sites. They catch their jizz and mix it into paints which they then use to depict the bloodied bodies of the dead and dying.

Also, St Kitts Briggsophrenia: A worry shared by black men the world over when walking the streets of Eastwood alone at night. Phobia makes suffers paranoid that an angry, artistic dwarf may leap out of the shadows at any moment, kidnap them, take them home and make them dance to Justin Timberlake wearing ladies clothing.
When I suffer from Briggsophrenia, I like to bathe myself in goats blood and run naked through the streets of West Bridgford. Several artists and socialites came up to me afterwards and said they liked my work.
by The Angel of Death August 22, 2006

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