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1. An angel who mysteriously lost her wings.
2. Someone lovely who makes an entire room light up with just a smile.
3. A being of total perfection; flawless

1. to be someone completely beautiful on the inside and to hide it from the world
2. an act of being too gorgeous for words
3. to do things with caution; to be a perfectionist; to have OCD
1. Stacy told me that she saw the scars from where Candace's wings used to be.
2. Whoa, that girl looks gorgeous AND has class. Her name must be Candace.
3. This sculpture is flawless! No wonder they named it Candace.

1. Wow, i didn't know your mind was so complex. You Candace everyone who knows you!
2. I saw this girl in the mall, dude.. she was Candacing.
3. We left an hour late because my mom was too busy Candacing the laundry!
by The Almighty God of Heaven March 03, 2008

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