1 definition by The Sexual Beast of Light

An object that oftentimes passes under people's notices. Usually used to describe an object with a light bulb, It can be used to describe an ex-boyfriend who is obscenely annoying and somewhat hated. Once you friend-zone a guy, he becomes a lamp in your mind. A somewhat useless object that can be turned on and sometimes off but is generally a hindrance to daily life. It is much easier to hit the light switch then to use a lamp. Although.... they are always there for backup.... Anyways... no one likes lamps. Except losers.
Girl1: Ugh lamps are so annoying :/

Girl2: I know, right?? I wish you could take a book and SQUASH them into the ground!!

Girl1: Totally! I mean, why do they even exist?!?
by The Sexual Beast of Light October 29, 2012
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