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A friendly greeting. If used too heavily, it may become quite a nuisance to both the user and the people who are forced to listen to it. Another side-effect is answering any and all questions or demands with the phrase. A case study found that if the phrase is depended on too greatly, it may become a song, or in some cases a rap. This phrase can also be given an extra amount of greatness by adding my genuine "uhpt" to the beginning or end of it. *WARNING* If you know someone who is using this phrase, it is probably best to tell him to get mental help. If he/she continues to say the phrase, your the listener will begin to use it. and eventually you will both spontaneously combust...Uhpt!
In this example we will use Jimme "Barf" Wotzen and his friend Adam Pardigo

Adam: "Sup dude, how have you been?"

Jimme: "Uhhpt, How ya doin'."

Adam: "Good, hows the family?"

Jimme: "How ya doin."

Adam: "What?"

Jimme: "How ya doin."
by The Original Uhpt February 08, 2012

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