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Sterling Archer, AKA "Duchess", is all that is man. Not only is he the worlds best secret agent, but he is an accomplished cocksman. When he isn't saving the world or having sex with a beautiful women he is probably doing one of 11 things: Belittling his valet Woodhouse, telling Lana Cane to call Kenny Loggins because she's in the "Danger Zone", beating Pam with a dolphin, playing with an ocelot named Babou, referencing Bert Reynolds movies, attempting to include an air boat into his plans, using operational funds for personal expenses, drinking, saying "I swear to God I had something for this", buying turtlenecks, and answering his phone with the ringtone "MULATTO BUTTS!".
Man: Dude I just tapped this super hot chick and then threw her clothes out the window cause she couldn't poach me an egg.

Man#2: You totally just Sterling Archer'd her. Well done.
by The Danger Zone August 08, 2012

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