2 definitions by The Cherubist

Any girl who's brother claims she "knows" people in London but is actually just giving head to gang members.
Person 1: "Be careful I'll get my sister

on you"
Person 2: "she just sucks off gang

members. She's such a Kai's sister
by The Cherubist August 04, 2018
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A sapitalist is someone who moves back and forth between capitalism and socialism or believes both ideologys can exist together. Commonly used to describe younger people whose political opinion sways between the left and right as there ideas are formed.
Bill: I love capitalism.
Qwentin: But it disadvantages some people
Bill:. True. Now I love socialism.
Qwentin: Wow, you are such a sapitalist.
by The Cherubist October 14, 2017
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