3 definitions by The Best Uncle Tom

One who consumes booty/pussy/titties/ Ect.
Your booty is the product and I am the Consumer.
by The Best Uncle Tom November 19, 2018
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Consumerism is a cult like group of people that worship booty/pussy/Ect. They're one goal to consumer all.
I told my father that I converted to Consumerism, he processed to beat me out of joy. you are consumer, I am consumer, we are CONSUMERISM.
by The Best Uncle Tom November 19, 2018
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When you go back in time to fuck your mom so she can give birth to you. Then the older version of you goes back in time to see your younger self, in order to tell you what you must do( fuck your mom). He says the words, "Son I'm you" thus creating a paradox in which there is a ever ending timeline where you're fucking your mom in order to keep yourself in existence. The only way to fix time and space as we know it is to fuck yourself, thus making you a time baby. This will result in the big boom and a creation of a new universal entirely.
I was walking by an old man and then he stopped me and said, "Son, I'm you". We then fucked in front of a mcdonald's for hours, making me a space baby.
by The Best Uncle Tom March 24, 2018
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