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-Rabid Guinea pig eater. Has been known to have recipes to cook them.
-Lady who thinks she hispanic, but it really white with wrinkles and a bad spray tan.
-She trys to give kids 104 grades so that people will like her because she has no friends.
-She yells at movies with innocent little cats and dogs.
-She has been known to say "YO NO CHICLE!" about a billion times.
-She hates you as soon as you walk through the door.
-She is horrible, mean, and has no heart, although she has about 20 rubber ones in her room.
-She has more fake food in her room than a four year old future grocer.
"Wow, that lady is so MEAN!"
"Don't let it get to you, shes a Diezcanseco"
by ThatsWhatYouGetForBeingASpaz! November 17, 2009
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