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It's use dates back to Kanye West during the now famous '2009 MTV Video Music Awards' before handing the microphone back to a stunned Taylor Swift.

The ultimate conversation ending act. It is the body's verbalization of the word 'ummuuhunmhh'.

The sound you make when you say "I don't know" without opening your mouth and running the words all together so it sounds like "iounknow'

When used online must be preceded and super-ceded by asterisks...

ex. *kanye shrug*

To be used only when total finality of the conversation is needed with no further explanation.
Yo Taylor!

I'm really happy for you, I'm gonna let you finish....but Beyonce HAD ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS OF ALL TIME!!!

*kanye shrug*
Father: "Sweetie you won't get any presents for you 6th birthday or christmas because daddy failed a random drug test at work and got laid off"

Daughter: No christmas presents????

Father: *kanye shrug*

Daughter: *cries*

I'm sorry New Yorkers, compared to Jay-Z's other albums, BP3 was trash...

*kanye shrug*
by ThatHotFishGrease.com September 27, 2009
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