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Commonly describes a person on the internet who seemingly goes out of their way to be as polarizing as possible without adding any substance or reason. For example, people who frequently share "offensive" memes and intentionally use racial slurs outside of their own race (read: white people). Usually, this behavior can be explained as a psychological need for attention in a place where they can remain anonymous and not be personally held accountable for their activities. Such activities can be more innocent in nature, but most edgelords rely on shock value and pretentiousness to satisfy an unbalanced ego or past neglect. Attempts to "go against the grain" or appear "non-conformist" are universal criteria. As such, feelings of cringe may be experienced.

Edgelords can also be found outside of the internet, albeit with much more public scrutiny.
"Keemstar is such an edgelord that he can cut diamonds with his teeth."
by ThatHandleIsAlreadyInUseDude January 14, 2018

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