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a brand of very stylish jeans. they have fancy pockets with rhinestones, sequins and whatnot. Very popular in Dallas, LA, Austin, New York and bigger cities. smaller cities often wear knock offs. In High-Land park if you don't own at least 4 pairs, you are frowned upon, and have no sense of style once so ever, unless, you are scene.

warn by the same girls that wear uggs, juicy and eyeliner on their water line.

cost $100-$200
make your butt look hot and catch the eye, bring focas to your asset.
Amy: i saw she didn't have miss me jeans. she MUST be poor.

Taylor: i know. but i just got a new pair yesterday, it will look chic with my juicy couture jacket tomorrow!
by That Girl That Stalked You March 05, 2011

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a house that is built overnight. often in a setting with a whole row of houses identical to one another. in an area full of lower class people who they're rich because their house is big-ish, when really, that house was put over night by a rather shitty team of construction workers.
the houses in The Colony, Texas

Ben: man, my house is awesome, ya'll should come check it out
Matt: i heard its a two night house.
Ben: shit.
by That Girl That Stalked You March 05, 2011

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