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The official defintion for those whom call themselves "democrats", but try to undermine true democracy, other political systems, forbid certain words, discriminate against certain persons whom don't share the same points of view and opinions, cheat at elections, discriminate and use hate crimes against anyone whom doesn't aggree with their fascistic or communistic agenda. True democracy means to also fight for opinions you do not share. At the moment one dosn't do this anymore, one loses the right to be called democrat, and one becomes a demonrat, a twisted, dark, evil version of a true democrat.
In the metro, on our way home.
- Me: Dude, I can't belive they call it sports, if someone can take a dump during a salto.

- Friend: Yeah, I feel you. It seems our society gets more dumb by the day.
- SJW/PC/CC person: How can you say this, you fascist, you nazi, you racist? There are no dumb people. Leave people alone.
- Me: *shrugs* probably one of those demonrats.
-Friend: Yup. Let's sit ourselves some place else, before this pink haired fatso goes into a mental meltdown.
by That Dude Next Door November 05, 2020
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