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If you are from the Northeast, this is the norm. You tend to leave off "r", and sometimes add one in another place. Other times, ohs sound like ahs. Add wicked whenever possible.
red sox= red sahx
The party last night was a lot of fun= the pahty last night was wicked fun!
Put your clean clothes in the drawers=
put yah clean clothes in the drawrers~
by Tessie May 07, 2005

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Term refering to the average fan of the New York Yankees. Along with an incredible ardor for their home team, obnoxious Yankees fans are distinct for their loud, rude and simply obnoxious behavior. Along with the Yankees themselves, the fans are part of the reason Boston hates New York.
I just wanted to go get my mail but my obnoxious Yankees fan neighbor kept yelling "who's your daddy" and thrusting at me...

The judge let me off because all I did was run over an obnoxious Yankees fan.
by Tessie October 18, 2004

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