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Typically used as an insult:
1. A stupid unimaginative person, incapable of imaginative self-expression or creativity.
2. Another way of saying "cookie-cutter" therefore meaning Generic, uninspired, and lacking in originality.
3. A fat-shaming slur used when referring overweight policemen that are excessively fond of donuts and pastries. (mainly heard in San Francisco and Los Angeles).
4. In the mid-west US; prison slang referring to the anus of a prisoner that has become inflamed and loose through excessive anal intercourse. Also used to refer to prisoners that are accused of excessively enjoying anal intercourse.
1. I hate movies starring Adam Sandler, he is such a donut template.
2. That boy band is so cookie cutter , they should be called The tone-deaf donut templates.
3. The cops in our neighborhood are such donut templates they only leave their cruiser to go for more donuts and coffee ,... or to pee.
4. Leroy is the bitch you want to see for busting a nut in here, he's such a a donut template that he only charges three cigarettes a go.
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by Terminus Est July 15, 2017

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