17 definition by Terio Marin

The feeling you get when the world turns to shit and you search all around and Barack Obamas not found.
DONALD TRUMP: ""We have to be much smarter, or it's never, ever going to end."

LOGIC: (looking over a picture of Obama and Bono smiling on a two person bicycle in the Bahamas and a simultaneaous picture of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon ogling a big red button) "I'm overcome with obandonment."
by Terio Marin April 23, 2017

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When a gross dude hugs you and you clench everywhere, even down there.
Marco sees a gross dude hugging Erin in the distance. MARCO :(yelling) "Erin, initiate a kagle hold. ERIN: (yelling back) Roger that!
by Terio Marin November 13, 2016

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When you get so stoned from hash, you have a brown out.
Remember those hash browns from McDonald's last night?

Nah bro, I don't 'member was totallystoned. I was hash browned.
by Terio Marin August 02, 2016

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