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Noun Pronounced ah-SCOH-duh. A small city in northeastern Michigan situated about 60 miles south of the 45th Parallel where the AuSable River meets Lake Huron. Originally a logging and fishing town Oscoda is now more like the Wild West of old. Poker games aren't hard to find and there are more guns than people. The community that we call Oscoda is a tangled web in which we all are guilty of eating our trapped flies...It is the Eddie Money Vortex of the Universe, home to Foote Pond, Sunrise Side Posse, Monkey Mike and Sloppy Joe who's fitching for a big fitch god damnit! O-town, O-Scrotum, The Big O, Scodi...Oscoda is The Office Lounge, Old Orchard Park and The River Queen. The most beautiful city in the world to be certain this little nowhere town actually makes the world go around...come see us:)
Let's go to Oscoda and never leave cause it's so effin RAD!)
by Teighmne Verk Aught September 28, 2010
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