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A white man who'se only contact with Asian women has been as waitresses and images in the media of prostitutes, madams, more waitresses and princesses of exotic, far-off lands, and thus his image of Asian women is tainted, he sees them as sex objects or exotic novelties.

I don't think this word, with it's proper definition fits every single white high school kid who has a crush on his Asian American classmate, or every white dude that thinks Lucy Liu is a fox.
Being a heterosexual male, I am physically atracted to females. Sure, I find some Asian women atractive, I find a lot of women atractive. Black, white, Asian, Latin, race doesn't matter much to me. If an Asian girl's drop-dead gorgeous, she's drop-dead gorgeous, neither because of or despite where her grandparents were born.

I don't think physical appearance is eveything though. I mean, there's personality, shared interests, etc. A girl can look like a total goddess in a photograph, but if she's a terrible person, she's a terrible person and I really don't want anything to do with her. I'd much rather be with a plain-looking girl with a charming personality and enough in common with me to sustain a conversation than a vision of loveliness who'se shallow and vindictive.
by Teh kraut Pope May 14, 2005
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