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1) The act of being the biggest poser on Earth.
2) Having an extremely high voice.
3) Having an extremely annoying voice.
4) Being insanely undersized for your age (He's 16 years old (almost 17), 5'1 tall ,and weighs 110 lbs.).
5) Having no muscle what-so-ever (At least Taylor Lautner is pretty ripped and he's only 1 year older that Justin Bieber!).
6) Being loved only for your looks.
7) Only having fans from the northern US and parts of Eastern Canada who are little girls that are bullied ages 9-12.
8) Being ridiculed for being his fan. (Including girls).
9) Being EXTREMELY unpopular for liking him or even listening to him even if you are a girl.
10) Having no skateboarding skill what-so-ever. (Refer to 1).
11) Having no friends
12) Being EXTREMELY weak (Refer to 5).
13) Having ZERO straight male fans.
14) Having abnormaly small genitalia.
14) The act of only being marketed because unpopular girls ages 9-12 buy his music because of his looks. (Usher and company invested in him because they only want to make a quick buck. They continue to advertise him because, again, unpopular girls will buy his music becasue he is cute thus bringing Usher and company large amounts of money.)
15) The act of bringing extreme disgrace to your country.
Unpopular girl: OMG Justin Bieber is SOOOO HAWT!!
Popular girl: Dude shut up, he's not hot because he has no muscle and sounds like a little girl. By the way do you have any friends? Your gonna be SO, SO, SO unpopular right away if you don't stop liking him, wait, you already are!! Hahahaha! Plus he's NEVER going to date you!!! Get a life!!!
Popular guy: I could own him in skateboarding any day because he is a poser.

Kind of popular girl: I'm gonna stop liking him because i want to go to parties and be popular.
Popular girl: Good idea!! The only people who like him are girls who can't get a real guy so they think in their own fantasies they can get with him but he won't like any of his fans because they are all ugly girls! Hot girls think he's a fag.
by Taylor Lautner is ripped August 02, 2010
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