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A person called tayla is a sexy biatch! THAT TAYLA GIRL WAS TOTALY HITTING ON YOU MAN- like TOTALY! She has a hot body and usually smells good! Usually a brunette or blonde with silky long hair ,and always has a good taste! She loves to party and will rock the night away with her closest friends, usually lovely eyes with fluttering eyelashes that will knock them men to their knees MAN!. She is also usauly passionate about something. But she can be feisty so don't get on her wrong side! Don't Let her do a TAYLA just take her to the beach!
Boy 1: did you see that fit bodied girl in that bikini at the beach MAN?!?

Boy 2:Ya dude she looked at me in my eyes and I was out of the USA!

Boy 1:Awesome dude , she must have been a Tayla!
by Taylatays December 29, 2011
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