1 definition by Tav68

A mentally unstable Liberal who tires to hijack the true meaning of a word and turn it to their advantage. Just as they have with History.
The true definition of Moonbat is not a compliment to Liberals. It is a term used to describe their mental instability and lack of knowledge.
If you tell the same lie over and over again eventually people will start to believe it. Moonbats are notorious for telling those lies and for believing them. Look at the actual history of Congressional voting record. The Liberals have a bad voting history. They were the biggest opposition to the abolishment of slavery. Yes the Republicans freed the slaves. Liberals were the biggest opposition to women’s rights and they were the biggest opposition of the Civil Rights Act.
Their Congressional voting history proves it.
Moonbats need to pay attention to the history of the KKK. It was the so called liberals who founded the KKK. Yes that is right, it was founded by so called Democrats and they have a long documented history in the KKK.Liberals seem to have forgotten the KKK was founded in the south and back then the south was all Democrat.
These are all examples of how they have told the same lies for so long that mentally unstable people believe their lies.

by Tav68 October 29, 2007