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You know he's bad news, but that never stops you from longing for his husky voice and his tastefully seductive body. The lust buried deep inside you always somehow manages to come to life like a phoenix being reborn from its ashes. This is what He does to you. But there is another side. Hidden beneath his scarred heart lay memories of terror. Something happened to him. He was never the same. He has a split personality, in a way, half human, half monster. The only thing left in the world that makes him happy lingers before his very eyes and is taken away forever in a single second. He now lives a tortured existence, longing for what he knows he will never have.
Labrijonay: My god, I miss Fabio.
Saleisha: Oh yeah, wasn't he, like, totally deep, and amazing and now tortured that he lost you.
Labrijonay: Yeah, he's a total Dalton.
by Tarot January 01, 2008

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