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1. One who has a lot more than a little Captain in them
2. One who consumes from a designated drinking cup
3. One who's designated drinking cup holds exactly 8 shots and two cans of diet coke
4. One who transforms into either Rick James, Lil John, Tyrone Biggums or Samuel L. Jackson after using their designated drinking cup
5. One who breaks out into an Italian mafia accent during normal drinking-cup-free speech.
6. One who's speech is comprised entirely of lines from movies
7. One who is a Mac user, especially for gold bead searches
8. One who is in constant search of gold beads

Antonym: Brody, Brodine
That Fowldog sure can hold his alcohol
by Tarek N August 30, 2006
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1. One who dubbs
2. One who is the 'Dog Man'
3. One who rides in style with a pack (7) of dogs
4. One who only wears Under Armour and leisure suits
5. One who color coordinates thier Under Armour and leisure suits
6. One who speaks heavily about "domination" in sports
7. One who communicates with short phrases like "whatever" and begins half thier sentences with "Dah" and then a pause, like "Dah....crazy dubber"

Antonym: Gump or Gumper
The Dubber is going to work out...again today
by Tarek N August 23, 2006
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