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Well all these here definitions are pretty accurate but there's one other that I hadn't seen on here.

CLIFF BAR poop: This rather unpleasant form of poop occurs only when you eat a whole chunky peanut butter cliff bar without washing it down with any water. First it will sit in your stomach like a brick for several days, until finally, you stomach's hydrochloric acids have corroded it enough to where it can painfully squeeze through your intestines. After it has spent several more days stuck in your large intestine, fermenting, and causing blockage, it will finally have to be expelled. The crap itself has undigested peanut lumps, and partially corroded peanut butter, whose sharp, rough edges eat away at the soft tissue that is your butthole. After the bar is fully pushed away, the crap that has been blocked for days (which has also fermented) all spills out like minestrone soup. The overall odor is so intoxicating that it often corrodes nasal passages, fogs up the house, and causes the wallpaper in the bathroom to begin peeling off. You will need heavy air freshener and disinfectants to cure the smell.

So drink water if you eat a Cliff Bar.
I cant put an example for this poop, you have to experience it to comprehend it.
by Tard happy July 29, 2009

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