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An 'eroe is a sarcastic term used to designate a "hero", albeit with a slightly nasally accent. The strength of the "e" at the end of the word should be kept clipped, but fresh...

like vegetable dip, topiary bushes, and small children.

Used in conjunction on the internet with the "sarcasm" tilde symbol, 'eroe has been the downfall of many an over-eager friend or helper.
...in a generic MMO such as Rappelz, Cabal Online, WoW...

apparent noob: I just can't beat this guy up!
admin: Well, have you tried to use your magycke attks? Use "mana drain" and beat the sucker...

apparent noob: I died twice before I even respawned once!

admin: ...we didn't design the game to be that way.

apparent noob: it was Chuck Norris.

admin: oh, well then you are my ~'eroe.
by Tanith-Mora June 29, 2010

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