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An Anti Brony is a person who hates bronies. To rebut that they're "...who hate the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic..", as a brony stated, the definition is clearly "Anti Brony", not "Anti MLP".

There are many, but overall only one reason why bronies are hated; Their huge pride and endless bragging.

Anti bronies hate bronies because of their small sense of empathy. They can never agree with anything that an Anti Brony says, even if it's true.

Another, more common reason would be the massive load MLP:FiM related stuff in the internet, and how bronies have an obsession to shove it into people's faces.

(Example: Here's a real, translated comment sent by a brony on Pelaajalehti.com.
"There's a typo in the news: It's written BRONY not broyny or at least my shirt at the moment says Brony.. "
(Rational stuff about the article)

"And finally: Haters gonna hate.

PS. You stole my desktop wallpaper for the news pic...")

Even if you're watching a Garry's mod video, a Team Fortress 2 gameplay/music video, it's not unusual for a pony to pop up on the screen, without a warning.
So what's the big deal? See the "Example" section.

Bronies also like to put the fault of their own community's disadvantages on others, or solve it by separating any people giving them a bad name, by giving them nicknames, such as "cloppers", or simply by blaming it on furries.

I'm gonna talk personally now. I am a furry, and I would NEVER add a furry into any video of mine.
Anti Brony states:
"Seeing a pony is like seeing an arrow to the knee joke."

Maybe you'll understand now. If not, try checking the links to other definitions.
by Talvy August 30, 2012

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