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Hawthorne Heights = Mixed feelings.
-When they named their band, they had no idea that there was a Hawthorne Heights in New Jersey
-They used to be called A Day In The Life
-They are not emo, if you disagree, please take a peek at their saying sorry video
-They admit they don't spent too much time on their lyrics anymore, because they want to focus on their friendships within the band
-They are fun to listen to, and even more fun live. I can tell you because I've seen them twice.
-They are now an MTV band, which sucks for all of those who loved them before they were cool to love.
-They don't 'suck' (look it up), because suck is drawing something by force. If you mean to say they are "inadequate," that means they are not capable, which they are.
Before you develop your opinion on anything, including Hawthorne Heights, be sure to look at it 360.
by TakeaWildGuess March 28, 2006
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