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Noun. Person of percieved low intelligence. i.e. idiot, buffoon, moron. Can also mean being stupid for a brief instance.
That kid who always thinks he knows the class material but really doesn't is such a GWITZLER.

Yea, I fell down on the way over here, such a GWITZLER I am!
by TXR April 02, 2003

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ADJ. Similar to calling one's friend a homo, but this term was invented to be less offensive to those of the gay community. It is still used in the same harsh way others use the word, but this term is a bit on the lighter side if used in a public atmosphere.
Why does Chad always act like a frickin' HOZMOZ everytime he kills me in that video-game.

Chad is such a HOZMOZ, talking to his girlfriend every 5 minutes!!
by TXR April 02, 2003

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