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A night out with friends involving the excessive consumption of alcohol and cheating on your partner.
"Fucking hell I was twisted last night... fucked some tart, keep it quiet tho don't want <insert girlfriends name here> to find out"

"No worries bruv. What goes on, on tour stays on tour"
by TSC - Eric April 13, 2005

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Avoiding exposure to anything other than:
a. Cannabis
b. Pimp my ride
c. Playing guitar
d. Listening to incubus
"You out to night brains?" "nah think i'll have a mellow one"
by TSC - Eric April 12, 2005

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To savagely assault a person whom you feel would benefit from such an act.
“If you steal my fucking stapler one more time I’m going to punch the cunt out of you”
by TSC - Eric April 12, 2005

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