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One of the top schools in NOVA. The School Colors are Purple and White. Their Mascot is the Charger. Bhawoh Jue is an alumni from Chantilly, now playing in the NFL for the Sand Diego Chargers. Chantilly has one State Championship in Football in 96'. Chantilly stund Oakton at their Homecoming (21-0). Chantilly beat Westfield (for the first time) to become Northern Region Champs in 2006. Chantilly represented the Concord District in the AAA State Championship. They lost against Osbourn. Chantilly School Spirit is at it's peak compared to years past.
Westfield Guy: "We went undefeated and lost to Chantilly?, damn first time they beat us, damn it was for the Region Title too?"

Oakton Guy: "Damn, we got shut out on our Homecoming?, by Chantilly?"

Sports Recapper: "Chantilly's Fan Base in my opinion is the best in the state."
by TPP08 April 01, 2007

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